Odoo Consulting & Development Services

CYOP Provides Expert Odoo Consulting & Development Services To Ensure the Success of your ERP Implementation and Provide Rapid Return On Investment.

Odoo Consulting & Development


Odoo Consulting Services

CYOP's professional Odoo consulting services are intended to compliment our client's in-house expertise and help them extract the greatest value from Odoo open source ERP software in their business.

While Odoo provides and extremely robust, cost-effective, and flexible framework, there is a huge difference between installing ERP software and actually being able to use that software to run the enterprise. CYOP provides any and all services needed to bridge this gap including project planning, implementation, custom programming & development, data migration, training, and ongoing support.

CYOP is a strong proponent of Odoo software but does NOT participate in the Odoo Partner Program, which is an advantage to our clients!

Partner levels for most software companies are largely determined by the number of professional (paid) licenses sold, and NOT by proven experience, expertise, and client satisfaction. CYOP works exensively with the FREE community version of Odoo and maintains vendor-neutrality so we have NO incentive to recommend professional licenses unless warranted by our clients support requirements.

Odoo Planning & Implementation Services

CYOP is, perhaps, most valuable to our clients in the planning phases of an Odoo implementation which begins with extensive planning to fully understand the business and system requirements and mapping the functionalities of the software against those requirements to determine the functional design & workflows, understand where any function may be missing which will determine the development effort, create a plant to migrate data from existing systems to Odoo, and identify any external systems that Odoo may need to integrate with to develop a systems interface design.

Even clients who posess expert programming staff typically do not have the detailed understanding of Odoo to be able to accomplish this effectively, even if they are very capable of everything else.

It's this detailed planning that ultimately results in the project plan. CYOP has a proven roadmap and methodology to guarantee the success of ERP implementations and is capable of managing virtually every component of the ERP project, or can work along side our clients' in-house teams to supplement their work effort.

Odoo Customization & Module Development

CYOP provides expert Odoo Customization & Module Development services. While some customizations in Odoo can be done with advanced configuration settings, development of new feature and function should be done by creating a custom module that does not change Odoo's core code. In addition to preserving the integrity of the Odoo code, this also preserves the ability to upgrade to future versions of Odoo without overwriting the customizations.

Odoo Support & Training

CYOP provides effective Odoo Training and ongoing support services to meet the very specific needs of our clients. While CYOP encourages any and all training offered directly by Odoo, our experience is that this training is often general in nature and doesn't address an individual company's specific environment or customizations. Conversely, CYOP's training involves working directly with the individuals and/or managers in specific positions and guiding them on exactly how to use Odoo to do their specific jobs.

CYOP also provides professional ongoing Odoo support services either on a contracted or as-needed basis.

For more information on Odoo or CYOP's other open source ERP solutions, please contact us or signup for a FREE Business Process Assessment.

Odoo ERP Professional Services

CYOP employs a proven project management methodology that includes a detailed requirements analysis to effectively discern feature/function requirements before any development efforts begin which minimizes deployment time and necessary re-work.

The CYOP planning process includes development of a basic Functional Design, a Gap Analyis to determine custom development efforts, a Data Migration Strategy to ensure data from current systems can be effectively migrated to the new system, and a Systems Interface Design to describe any external systems that need to be integrated and how that will be accomplished.

CYOP's Project Implementation Roadmap combines a coordinated technical programming and development effort with sound project management to effectively bridge the gap between the client and the programmers to ensure business objectives, and not just a programming exercise, are achieved.

CYOP leverages free open source software to build for our clients an application that is highly customized for thier business and that they OWN. Because the finished application is owned by the customer who has full access to the souce code, there is no vendor lock-in and the application can never be obsoleted since with a large community of open source programmers able to ensure ongoing development and support.

A key component in the implementation of any ERP system is the training of personnel and ongoing support. Users must be effectively trained in any improved revised business processes in addition to system feature/function. Common ERP training programs tend to focus on general system functions. Then, employees go back to their desks and don't know what to do. CYOP's ERP training focuses on working with the individual company personnel to make sure they know how to do their jobs, so once the new ERP system is live, employees already know what to do.

Additionally, a sound support process and infrastructure ensures personnel have a way to escalate any questions or issues and that any bugs are promptly addressed.

Odoo ERP Consulting & Implementation

Odoo ERP Professional Services

CYOP's services combine the best features of open source software with the best features of Software as a Service (SaaS), enabling organizations to effectively own, control, and further develop and modify as needed, their own ERP software application without the large expenses of hardware acquisition & maintenance, software licensing, data center facilities or an IT staff.

The CYOP team has extensive experience in enterprise computing and has successfully implemented numerous Odoo ERP solutions resulting in increased revenues and growth for our clients.

By leveraging Odoo open source ERP software with CYOP planning, implementation and support services, even a smaller businesses can afford an enterprise-class ERP solution with no capital expenses, no hardware to maintain, no software license fees, and no need for on-site technical personnel. On-premises solutions are also available if desired.

CYOP specializes in Odoo and Openbravo open source ERP solutions. We have a great Odoo PLM ("Product Lifecycle Management") solution for manufacturers using Solidworks or ThinkDesign CAD; and, we can also integrate robust eCommerce and point of sale (POS) options for clients that operate in the retail and restaurant industries.


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