Cloud Computing

Discover how CYOP's Cloud Computing solutions allow businesses to improve up-time and security, and effectively scale operations without increasing infrastructure costs.

Cloud Computing


What Is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the Internet based development and use of computer technology where the "cloud" represents the Internet. This is because on network diagrams, the Internet is often depicted as a cloud. The cloud hides a substanital technical infrastructure that the user doesn't need to understand in any level of detail, he just needs to connect to it to access its resources.

Essentially, cloud computing enables computer software and hardware resources to be accessed over the Internet without the need to have any detailed or specific knowledge of the infrastructure used to deliver the resources, much like a utility model. You really don't need to know what the phone company or electric company does on their end to enable calls and allow the lights to go on when you flip the swith; and, you really don't want to know as long as when you plug into it, it works.

Cloud computing is very similar to a utility and includes numerous models such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Web 2.0, and other technology models that rely on the Internet or a Web browser to access the services.

Cloud computing infrastructure consists of reliable services delivered through next-generation data centers that are built on computer and storage virtualization technologies. The services are accessible anywhere in the world, with the cloud serving as a single point of access for all the user's computing requirements.

There are numerous benefits to cloud computing, especially for small businesses as it eleviates numerous infrastructure costs and technology burdens. In August 2008 Gartner Group noted that "organizations are switching from company-owned hardware and software assets to per-use service-based models" and that the "projected shift to cloud computing will result in dramatic growth in IT products in some areas and in significant reductions in other areas".

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

In a cloud computing environment, customers typically do not own the infrastructure, they are simply accessing or renting the use of it. By sharing the environment across multiple tennants, the customer can easily scale during peak loads while only paying for resources they actually use. This enables computing capacity to increase dramatically while minimizing expenses.

A significant benefit to cloud computing is that it is highly scalable. It has a very low cost of entry since much of the initial costs of hardware, data center facilities, and technical staff are eliminated and it becomes much easier to meet rapidly evolving user requirements without needing to build for peak loads.

Cloud computing also enables platform and device independence since the applications are browser based they can be accessed from virtually anywhere and from virtually any device.

The partners at CYOP have been invovled in cloud computing since long before cloud computing was even in use as a term.

CYOP enables and leverages cloud computing technology by provide enterprise-class open source solutions to small to mid-sized businesses featuring: NO Capital Expenses, NO Licensing Fees, NO Technical Administrator Needed, NO Proprietary Vendor "Lock-In', Multi-Platform Browser-Based Architecture, Highly Secure & Fault Tolerant Infrastructure & Rapid Deployment.

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Cloud Computing Services

CYOP employs a proven project management methodology that includes a detailed requirements analysis to effectively discern feature/function requirements before any development efforts begin which minimizes deployment time and necessary re-work.

The CYOP planning process includes development of a basic Functional Design, a Gap Analyis to determine custom development efforts, a Data Migration Strategy to ensure data from current systems can be effectively migrated to the new system, and a Systems Interface Design to describe any external systems that need to be integrated and how that will be accomplished.

Because we understand how critical your web site is to your business, CYOP Hosting is dedicated to providing reliable, business-class web hosting solutions with the highest levels of quality, service and support available in the industry. CYOP offers both shared and dedicated hosting plans and all of our web hosting servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers with superior levels of security, redundancy, and fault tolerance. High uptime guarantees and SLA's make CYOP the perfect host for your website and critical cloud based business applications.

The CyoGate Payment Gateway is specifically suited for Internet based and card-not-present credit card processing. It supports more than four times the number of processors as the largest competitor, has many more features and is supported on more than 100 popular shopping carts and ecommerce platforms. The CyoGate gateway supports some advanced features including electronic invoicing, QuickBooks Sync, Advanced Fraud Protection, Advanced Transaction Routing, and Load Balancing making it an ideal platform for Internet and high risk merchant accounts.
EDI Consulting & Implementation

Professional ERP Services

CYOP's services combine the best features of open source software with the best features of Software as a Service (SaaS), enabling organizations to effectively own, control, and further develop and modify as needed, their own EDI software application without the large expenses of hardware acquisition & maintenance, software licensing, data center facilities or an IT staff.

The CYOP team has extensive experience in enterprise computing and has successfully implemented dozens of EDI solutions resulting in increased revenues and growth for our clients.

By leveraging open source EDI software with CYOP planning, implementation and support services, even a smaller businesses can afford an enterprise-class EDI solution with no capital expenses, no hardware to maintain, no software license fees, and no need for on-site technical personnel. On-premises solutions are also available if desired.

CYOP specializes in BOTS open source EDI and cloud-based EDI solutions.


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