ERP, CRM, EDI, Cloud & Ecommerce Development Services

Our Solutions


Integrate the data and processes of an organization into one single system with a common database.


Manage customer relationships, contacts, opportunities, activities, and sales campaigns in an organized way.


Improve efficiency and lower costs by electronically exchanging data between companies.


Website shopping carts, payment gateway integration, and custom Web and mobile payment applications.

Cloud Computing

Browser-based applications that run over a highly scalable and secure infrastructure and delivered as a utility.

Custom Programming

Expert open source programming and development of custom Web and browser-based applications.

Our Services

Open Source Consulting

Consulting, Project Planning & Analysis

ERP, CRM, EDI & Ecommerce consulting including needs requirements, analysis, software selection, and project planning.

Implementation & Management

Complete project management including software installation and end-to-end or collaborative project implementation.

Application Development & Custom Programming

Custom programming and open source application development of ERP, CRM, EDI, Ecommerce & Custom Payment Applications.

Data Migration Services

Efficient Data Migration services to ensure all critical company data is migrated to any new software applications.

System & Software Integration Services

Gateway integration & development of custom API connectors to seamlessly integrate and exchange data between systems

ERP, CRM, EDI & Ecommerce Training & Support

Hosting & Ongoing Support

Business-class Website hosting to ensure 100% application uptime and training and ongoing support with SLA management.

Project Vision

  1. All data is entered only once and shared through a fully integrated system so there is no re-keying of information.
  2. All information necessary to perform any job function is electronically online and not filed on paper or a disconnected system (i.e. Joe’s PC).
  3. There is electronic communication so that any authorized employee may service any customer or vendor as if they had handled that account from the beginning of time until now.

Project Approach

  1. Secure top level management committment and involvement.
  2. Establish a project leader and a team.
  3. Develop an Implementation Plan.
  4. Educate and Train.
  5. Involve All Users.
  6. Set Objectives and Measure Results.
  7. Conduct Regular Progress Meetings.
  8. Keep the System as "Vanilla" as Possible.
  9. Make Timely Decisions.
  10. Use Outside Resources When Appropriate.


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