Open Source Software Overview & Benefits

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Open Source Software

What Is Open Source Software?

Open Source

Overview of Open Source Software

Open source software is unique in that it is free to download and use for any purpose, permission is given to freely redistribute copies, and users/developers have unrestricted access to the source code with the freedom to modify and adapt the software for any purpose.

Today, numerous enterprise-class open source applications exist for any business that has the technical skills to successfully implement, the knowledge to use, and the infrastructure and skill set to support the application.

CYOP leverages these open source applications to provide a suite of managed services that ensure a successful implementation, user training, and ongoing support for its clients. This allows CYOP to significantly reduce the client’s overall expenses while increasing their profits and operational efficiency, and offering numerous other benefits associated with open source code.

Benefits Of Open Source

There are numerous benefits associated with open source software including:

  • Short Product Cycle - Software evolves most quickly when programmers are allowed to read, redistribute, and modify the source code for a piece of software. Improvements, adaptations, and bug fixes tend to happen at a faster pace. This short product cycle allows Open Source products to respond rapidly and better meet the customers changing needs.
  • Reliable and Secure - When code is in public view it is exposed to extreme scrutiny. Problems are quickly detected and fixed with no opportunity for cover-up or secrecy. Such scrutiny also means that the peer-reviewed Open Source model is more reliable than the closed, proprietary model. Mature open-source code is about as bulletproof as software ever gets.
  • Freedom from Vendor Lock-In - Open Source gives users freedom from vendor lock-in. The software is available for everyone and cannot be bought or merged out of existence – ever. This gives users the security of knowing that its investment in Open Source software will last.
  • No Sales or License Costs - There are no pre-sales costs. Users can evaluate software nearly for free (less some minor installation and hosting costs), for as long as desired and at its own pace. There are NO initial product licensing fees that accompany virtually all commercial applications. This allows companies to direct their budget to create a successful implementation. Money saved on software fees can be used for custom development, training, or in other areas of the business.

Open Source vs. Software as a Service (SaaS)

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ERP Consulting & Implementation

Professional ERP Services

CYOP bridges the gap between open source and SaaS by leveraging enterprise-class open source software to build for our customers an application that they will OWN. Because the application is owned by the customer with full access to the souce code, there is no vendor lock-in and the application can never be obsoleted since there is a large community of open source programmers that can ensure ongoing development and support.

Once we build the application, CYOP offers numerous options as to how the application is supported. For clients with adequate IT staff & facilities, CYOP can implement the application as an on-premises solution. For customers that lack adequate facilites or IT staff, CYOP can implement and support the solution from one of its state-of-the-art data centers, or from the data center of the customer's choice.

Again, because the application is owned by the customer, it can later easily be either internalized or moved to another data center without concerns of having to pay exhorbitant fees to move.


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